Esther and Harper

Some of us hear the call. It wakes us before even the sun has had a chance to rise. It sends a course of excitement into our blood and leads us to the open road at dusk, coyly whispering "There's a chance. It's out there."

For twenty years, each marked by sunburn, scars, and splinters, I've answered the call. All for the sake of what could be. For with every reclaimed object comes a shared redemption story. Each time we meet, a limitless grace washes over me, a sea of emotion for rediscovering the bygone and a silent peace acknowledging that what has been forgotten can once again be found.

I've spent my life in the service of finding the forgotten. I hope you will follow me on this journey, and that you too will find your reflection in something unknown to you, but altogether familiar. This is my home. A dusty field, an auctioneer's call, a abandoned attic. All calls of the unknown.

Preserve history while making your own. Let yours begin here.
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